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    Is it so hard for the Italians to believe that it was really their own F-104 scramble planes out of Grosseto that accidentally shot down the Itavia DC-9 over Ustica in June 1980 after it went after an unknown blip (phantom). which turned out to be a Gadelfi Libyan Mig-23 on a “Typical” ( repeat typical) reconnaissance over Italian territory. After all, in 1940, they also shot down their own plane, pilot was Italo Balbo trying to land at Tobruk. The Italians’ seem to have a habit of cover-ups and blame everyone else but themselves. Remember another incident, the Italian mapping agency also gave out the “WRONG” maps to the pilot of the EA-6 Prowler when they hit a ski lift cable in Cermis in northern Italy. In the Ustica incident, the Italians in cover up, blame everyone, including the French of shooting down the DC-9 plane, they even blame the CIA (but not their SISMI) , what has the CIA got to do with an incident over the Mediterranean. They blame the French since supposedly there was maneuver exercises during that night in June. They don’t realize that no plane goes armed with missiles during exercises. To arm a missile on a plane, the “red flagged pins” have to be removed from the missile launch supports. but an alert scramble plane always ready squadron such as the F-104’s already has the missile red pins removed when they scramble, or doesn’t anyone know that? The missile on the F-104, supposedly was a Sparrow radar controlled lock-on, not heat seeking type. It’s reasonable to assume, the pilot of the Mig23 knowing also the Italian radio UHF, VHF frequencies of course, saw on his monitoring equipment and also heard the conversation that his plane was locked on by radar and as he tried to speed back to Libya, but in doing so, an “old trick” is to hide under another plane that has Secondary Surveillance (transponder), by trying to hide under another plane, the normal “primary) radar will see “one” blip, and the secondary surveillance radar will identify to the ground controllers one plane identification (IFF-Identification Friend or Foe). Of course, apparently, since the missile was already locked on, the missile aimed after the Mig-23, but also, the Mig was too close to the DC-9 underbelly. The so called explanation of a bomb in the toilet that was made in America and that the Americans can’t identify the serial number of the toilet is an example of Italian fantasy excuses to blame everyone else except themselves. Of course if another country was at fault, the payment would be in the BILLIONS. But what a scandal it would be if people knew that the Italian air force really shot down their own plane and a commercial one!! . Under Cermis accident, Minister Prodi collected 20 $million from President Clinton, plus later the US government paid another $20 million to quiet the Italians who blamed everyone else except their screwball mapping agency, with the excuse that American pilots fly drunk. Do you see the light now!!?? Unbelievable eh!

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    No, I can’t help more, I worked for Plessey Radar Ltd; at Addelstone, Surrey here, but also was in the RAF and was a radaio technician on the helicopter and RAF Tornado’s, which have Radar systems so I am familiar with radar and radio. My friends here, some are Italians talk about life and problems in Italy. so they interest me in many things, I saw on TV about the Ustica discussions. Log ago, many years ago, I read of the incident; in those days, the newspapers descriptions actually showed designs and artists drawings of what that Mig 23 did as coming from Libya, and how the Italian air force went after it, and I remember the description drawings of it as in the newspapers and with drawings step by step of it all. Why was it described well way back in 1980, in the newspapers, but now no one gives an idea of it anymore? But talk to any person who knows radar systems and airplanes, war detection, including Transponders on all airlines and airports about radar systems. It might help.

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    Today is 31 years of the so called mysterious crash of the Itavia DC-9 Ustica tragedy.

    Mysterious eh!! Always an “excuse” for the Italian government not to pay the families of those victims on that DC-9. bellissimo paese, brutta razza

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