Le idee e chi le possiede: un dibattito radiofonico

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Who Owns IdeasChi possiede le idee? Sull’interrogativo discutono gli scrittori Eric Flint e Cory Doctorow, il musicista Steven Page e i docenti universitari James Boyle, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Jane Ginsburg e Michael Geist ai microfoni canadesi della CBS (qui l’mp3 della trasmissione). Questi i punti di partenza della discussione:

The challenges to intellectual property rights have expanded as well. While in the past the tools of copyright infringement were industrial – printing presses or record-pressing facilities, today they’re available on every desktop. Writing, music, movies, television, indeed every form of communication and expression can be digitized, and perfect copies distributed without limit. As a result the digital revolution has been perceived as a nightmare to the owners of creative property.

This might seem to clearly justify an expansion of IP law and its enforcement, but many critics of the direction IP law has taken disagree. They suggest that the opportunities that digital technologies present, and the abilities they give to ordinary people to make use of cultural material creatively is too valuable to be sacrificed.

Per ciò che riguarda l’Italia in argomento, invece, il prossimo week end ad Arezzo sarà di scena il Copyleft Festival.