Venerdý 13 e i sassi che cadono dal cielo

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Venerdý 13GiÓ si era detto circa le infauste storie che nel corso della storia si sono addensate sulla combinazione venerdý 17. Anche il venerdý 13 non Ŕ che desti molta pi¨ allegria. Ci si mettano poi previsioni come quella che si riferisce a Friday the 13th, 2029:

Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, the sort of day you trip on your shoe laces or lose your wallet or get bad news.

But maybe it’s not so bad. Consider this: On April 13th – Friday the 13th – 2029, millions of people are going to go outside, look up and marvel at their good luck. A point of light will be gliding across the sky, faster than many satellites, brighter than most stars.

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