Codice rosso felino

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Codice rosso felinoThe Only Time You Will See A Picture Of One Of My Patients il racconto – corredato di immagini – del salvataggio di un gatto quasi asfissiato dal fumo in una casa in fiamme. Una volta in ambulanza, il gatto presentava un’insufficienza respiratoria ed stato soccorso con ossigeno e una maschera per neonati.

The Universe has a strange sense of humour – I can say this because no sooner than I ask for something a little different from the tales of doom and gloom I have been ‘entertaining’ you with than one drops in my lap. This post will also make my mum really happy and proud of me…

In fact it’s so perfect I took some pictures so that you would know that I wasn’t lying.

The call was given as ‘House fire – persons reported inside’, an interesting job. So at 1am in the morning we fly through the streets to find firefighters having just dowsed the fire that has wrecked a house. I spoke to their top man and he told me that they had checked the entire house and that there wasn’t any people inside.

It’s then that I looked down to see a firefighter on his knees giving oxygen to what I thought was a baby. With a longer look I was extremely happy to see that it wasn’t a baby. It was a cat.