Un corpo che non può cambiare

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Black and White di Thaniel LeeDal sito del fotografo Thaniel Lee, a proposito di Black and White:

In this world of plastic surgery shows, model search television programs, fake talent shows, and unreal reality TV. I attempt to show a body that cannot change, a body that no amount of plastic surgery will turn into a super model, a body that is not seen in pop culture magazines or MTV […]. I have chosen to document the body as seen through the lens of the camera; the body in which I chose to document is my own. I was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis; this condition has left me with limited use of my arms, legs and fingers. Eleven operations have left me with many interesting scars and stories. Starting in 2000, I began to document my body and the many different shapes contained within. I hope that my work makes people look at their own bodies, and question the existing concepts of beauty that fill our current body obsessed culture.

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  1. fa davvero riflettere…anche perchè oltre all’ossessione della cura del corpo purtroppo prende piede in parallelo anche il rifiuto del diverso e del brutto.

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