“Ok, so I’m wrong”. E in molti con lui

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When It Comes To The Death Of Modern Rock, Go Ahead, Feel FineDal blog di Lawrence Lessig, una strana sovversione delle leggi di natura in difesa del full copyright. «Confesso di essermi sbagliato. Se gli artisti possono sottoscrivere petizioni dopo la loro morte, perché mai non possono registrare nuovi brani cinquant’anni fa?». Di seguito il suo post originale:

For almost 10 years now, I’ve been waging a war against retrospective term extension. My simple argument has been that copyright is about creative incentives, and you can’t create incentives retrospectively.

I now see I am apparently wrong.

As reported yesterday, there was an ad in the FT listing 4,000 musicians who supported retrospective term extension. If you read the list, you’ll see that at least some of these artists are apparently dead (e.g. Lonnie Donegan, died 4th November 2002; Freddie Garrity, died 20th May 2006). I take it the ability of these dead authors to sign a petition asking for their copyright terms to be extended can only mean that even after death, term extension continues to inspire.

I’m not yet sure how. But I guess I should be a good sport about it, and just confess I was wrong. For if artists can sign petitions after they’ve died, then why can’t they produce new recordings fifty year ago?